Spring Collections injection

May 8, 2014

I’ve been an old school java programmer for years because I was too lazy to learn new things and technologies. Then I realized that I’m a programmer and programmers needs to learn new technologies every couple of months just to get to the trend so you wont left behind the market. Then I learned about the dependency injections. Before I inject my dependencies using the old fashion way, create a bean and reference it to the other bean, now there’s a newer way to inject a bean, but this post is about injecting collections.

Here’s how to inject a java collection in your spring configuration files.

1. Inject a Map collection.

Initialize first your map collection.


 string val

You can now inject your map collection in your java file.

private Map mapCollection;

2. Inject a List or Set collection.



You can now inject your list or set in your java file.

private List listCollection; // List or Set

3. Inject a Property object


Name Here

You can now inject your list in your java file.

private Properties props;

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