Java wrong or old version in cmd

July 13, 2014

Did you encounter having different versions of java? When you run java -version in cmd or command prompt it says a different version versus the one you actually installed on your machine. I’ts either you installed a higher version then decided to point the JAVA_HOME class path to an older[...]

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Spring Web MVC 4 easy tutorial

July 12, 2014

Spring is a java based framework that has a lot of features to offer, if you’re new to spring go to Spring Wiki. You can visit their documentations here Spring,  I bet you wont read them until you get to feel it first. I’ll create a simple web mvc for you[...]

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xquery email validation

July 10, 2014

Part of the basic validation is to check if the email entered by the user is on a valid format. This can easily done by using simple regex. The below function returns a boolean value if it is valid or not.   declare function local:invalid-email-address($emailAddress as xs:string) as xs:boolean {[...]

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Sample Spring Hibernate Project

July 8, 2014

This is an old version of the tutorial! To see the new version click here For those peeps who wants to learn java frameworks like hibernate, spring, servlets and jsp, this pre-configured project can help you start from scratch. I used hibernate mapping here but it is annotation ready. Any questions[...]

WordPress Custom Plugins and Themes not working

July 2, 2014

I’ve been making plugins and themes way back when version 2.5 was first released, then when I came back and install this 3.9 version all I get was bugs and flaws. When I decided to create my first browser playing card game a simple game called baccarat, I wanted this[...]

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Eclipse Source not found.

June 18, 2014

Eclipse is an IDE that lets you debug your java code locally, meaning your code and application must be in the same machine, but when you need to debug your code while the application is sitting on a different machine, you need to do a remote debugging. It’s easy to[...]

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Kill Java Weblogic processes in linux

June 10, 2014

Before explaining the problem and solution, let me explain first a short background about the Weblogic. Weblogic is a J2EE application server that supports an enterprise application integration platform, an http web server, has a message capabilities and a lot more. In my own opinion this is one of my[...]

How to fix the error ORA-12505 Weblogic

May 25, 2014

Weblogic has a feature of handling the jdbc datasource. A datasource however is a factory of database connection, it already implements the complications of transactions and connection pooling. Another way of connecting to the database is using the jdbc DriverManager, but using this API is not the ideal way in[...]