Free Basketball Scoreboard v2

September 1, 2018

I’ve finally created an update on this Free Basketball Scoreboard after 4 years. LOL. Download Scoreboardv2 3 Major updates, 1. Added second shot clock reset button. This added feature is from Jake Transfiguracion “It would be way lot better and fit perfectly our requirements if you have the option to put[...]


WordPress – Adding media leads to 404 error page.

October 6, 2015

Tried the below solutions to fix this problem.   1. Adding the below script in your htacces. <IfModule mod_security.c> SecFilterEngine Off SecFilterScanPOST Off </IfModule> Source from WordPress 2. If not try contacting the hosting company to lift the security issues in your site. After working on this for 2 days,[...]


Running Multiple Eclipse with different versions of JDK

October 14, 2014

To load different versions of eclipse with different JDKs follow the below instructions. 1. create a shortcut command calling the eclipse. C:\jabahan\Luna_eclipse\eclipse\eclipse.exe -vm C:\Progra~1\Java\jdk1.6.0_43\bin\javaw.exe 2. add the following args in the eclipse.ini -vm C:\Progra~1\Java\jdk1.6.0_43\bin\javaw.exe Note: You may get an error saying “Failed to create JVM”, to fix this, make sure the -vm[...]

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PH Stocks Portfolio Tracker Android

August 18, 2014

This app is to track your portfolio’s gains and loss without the need to login to your account. It will just ask for the user’s average price and share for a particular stock. An example is available in the settings page. Note: 1. This app will not ask for personal[...]

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Android Get Current Location from GPS or Internet/Data

August 9, 2014

Android has a feature of getting your current location by running the device’s Global Positioning System (GPS) or connecting to your wifi or network provider’s data.   1. We need to use the getSystemService method from Activity object to get the Location Service and cast it as Location Manager. public class MyActivity extends Activity{ protected[...]

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Spring 4 with Hibernate 4

July 14, 2014

Hibernate’s main feature is the Object Relational Mapping or ORM. To know more about the Hibernate click this wiki Hibernate Wiki Page and if you want to get their full documentation click this Hibernate Documentation. This post will help you integrate your spring project with hibernate. We will use our previous[...]